How We Do It

Customer Success

With DSP’s experience, industry insights and ecosystem of technical and professional experts we help successfully guide security organizations, CISO’s and security professionals through a holistic approach to address your requirements and meet you objectives.

DSP is all about customer success. We value relationships and being straight forward and honest with all.

DSPs engagement objective is focused on customer success. We believe that the realization of customer success occurs throughout the entire engagement process and continues on long after the solution has become operationalized. DSP achieves this objective through a three phased engagement approach.

How We Do It

Discovery Assessment

The discovery phase assessment provides an understanding your cyber security needs and alignment to your overall business strategy and goals. A trusted partnership starts by taking the time to understand the current status of your organization’s security posture which forms the foundation for you security strategy and requirements. Taking a holistic approach to your security needs not only helps to define the appropriate service and technology solution but it also becomes crucial in minimize the time to realization of the solutions value.

Solution Design

Based on your requirements and business objectives we create a customer success solution plan (CSSP). The CSSP outlines the overall services and technology solution and recommends a course of action that will maximize the speed to realization of your solution. A typical Customer Success Solution plan will include;

  • Desired Business Objectives
  • Technology Solution Design
  • Capabilities to Business Outcome Alignment
  • Implementation Overview
  • Onboarding Activities
  • Adoption Plan (People • Process • Tools)
  • Ongoing Operations Plan

Implementation and Operation

A comprehensive discovery assessment and detailed solution design provides the basis for the execution of a successful solution implementation and ongoing operational value. Centric to the obtainment of customer success is DSPs ongoing commitment to support all of the customer requirements and needs in order to maintain maximum value out of all aspects of your solutions.